The Aboriginal Healing Space design development

Following on from our meetingĀ  at our studio by Kathleen Musulin and Bob Dorey, we set about developing the concept incorporating their very valuable suggestions. This included

  • The treatment of the ceiling of the Aboriginal Healing Space ‘ bare eye ‘ aboriginal astronomical exercise incorporating the constellations visible in the night sky over The Gascoyne.
  • Also the treatment of the labyrinth meditation walk with appropriate native bush plants local to area.
  • Symbolic feature such as real pearl shells
  • Local fauna symbolic artwork – stencils in the pathway
  • Seating on the parameter of the labyrinth and also the center of the healing space

A most important aspect of the whole project was sensitive lightening.

And finally, it was agreed upon our suggestion, that the orientation of The Aboriginal Healing Space structure should align with the Sun setting in an archway of the structure on the 9th of Jan each year being the highly symbolic commemoration date of the Lock Hospital Tragedy.